SA 3: Seismic Behaviour and Structural Dynamics

Topics studied under SA3:

·     Introduction to earthquake engineering.

·     Elements of seismology and seismicity.

·     Elements of seismic hazard analysis.

·     Dynamic analysis of single-degree-of-freedom systems.

·     Dynamic analysis of multi-degree-of-freedom systems.

·     Dynamic analysis of structures using the finite element method.

·     Response spectrum analysis of linear multi-degree-of-freedom systems.

·     Response history analysis of linear multi-degree-of-freedom systems.

·     Non-linear dynamic and static analysis of structures.

·     Earthquake-resistant design of buildings.

·     Structural dynamics in building codes.

·     Elements of soil dynamics.

·     Damage and collapsing mechanisms in existing (particularly historical) structures.

·     Introduction to innovative earthquake-resistant systems.