SA 6: Restoration and Conservation of Materials

Topics studied under SA6:

·     Introduction to conservation and restoration of materials.

·     Historical materials: identification, types and classification.

·     Binders and mortars.

·     Degradation of historic materials: physical, chemical and biological actions.

·     Degradation of historic materials: disasters and anthropogenic actions.

·     Salts in stone and masonry.

·     Cleaning of façades.

·     Repair materials and techniques.

·     Consolidation of degraded brick and masonries.

·     Consolidation of degraded mortar and plaster and interaction with fixed artistic heritage.

·     Protective and coating layers.

·     Restoration and conservation of wood.

·     Deterioration and conservation of metals.

·     Deterioration and conservation of 20th century heritage concrete and modern materials.

·     Technical excursion.

·     Laboratory works and in-situ investigations.