SA 7: Integrated Project

SA7 is composed of three main parts, as follows:
·   Field trips with presentations on case studies
·   Seminars on conservation subjects not addressed in the course 
·   Comprehensive analysis of case studies in groups of 3 to 5 students

Within the last and most important item listed above, students have to develop the survey, inspection, diagnosis, stability analysis, design project, cost estimation, monitoring and maintenance plans of a representative case study.

Dozens of different case studies have been analysed so far, from Cathedrals to Castles, from Palaces to Bridges, in the four partner countries. You can check this Church from Spain, this Building from Italy, this Castle from the Czech Republic or this Church from Portugal.          

Within the current edition, the following case studies are being studied:
Roman Theatre built in the 1st century 
Pre-Romanesque Church from the 10th-12th centuries  
Romanesque Church from the 12th century
·      Gothic Church from the 14th century 
Palazzo Capitanio built in the 14th century 
Palazzo Cavalli built from 15th-16th centuries 
·      Baroque Church from the 18th century
Neoclassical Church from the 19th century     
Palazzo Liviano built in 1937  


(Last update: November 2016)