First Edition (2007/2008)

2007.2008 coursework at UMinho


·       A comprehensive study on damage and deterioration of historic structure - Bustehrad Castle

·       Advanced numerical tool to analyze monitoring data

·       Application of capacity spectrum method to medieval constructions

·       Application of natural fiber reinforced lime mortar as repair material - Perspective of fracture analysis

·       Building science of Indian temple architecture

·       Carbonation processes of early age lime mortar

·       Cast iron column under ambient and elevated temperature with Vinohrady Brewery's case study

·       Dynamic identification and vibration-based damage detection of historical constructions

·       Experimental and numerical tests on non-standard lime based mortar specimens

·       Historical case study: The Frari's Basilica in Venice

·       Inventory of FRP strengthening methods in masonry structures

·       Inventory of repair and strengthening methods timber

·       Inventory study of repair and strengthening methods for masonry in historical constructions

·       Investigation on the use of iron and steel for restoration purposes during 19th and 20th centuries

·       Macro-modelling of ruins of St. Paul's, Macau

·       Masonry arches strengthened with composite materials

·       NDT evaluation of historical constructions

·       Reconstruction of the structure of the Visogothic Baptisterium of Barcelona

·       Restoration of concrete in 20th century heritage constructions

·       Safety assessment of Mallorca Cathedral

·       Seismic analysis of Sta. Maria del Mar Church in Barcelona

·       Seismic assessment of historical masonry structures by non linear analysis

·       Seismic assessment of strengthening methods of masonry constructions by means of capacity spectrum method

·       Seismic isolation of masonry buildings using fiber reinforced elastomeric isolators

·       Sulphate attack and the role of thaumasite in historical constructions

·       Survey of historical building

·       Thermoelastic analysis of Vladislav Hall Vault in Prague Castle


2007.2008 coursework at UMinho