Second Edition (2008/2009)


·       1755 Lisbon earthquake and protection of cultural heritage from future earthquakes with a comparative study about earthquakes and risk preparedness in Istanbul

·       Analysis of remedies for dampness problems in historical buildings (Viznov, St. Ann Church and Hermankovice, All Saints church)

·       Assessment and rehabilitation of historic concrete structures - Citta' della musica in Marghera

·       Bending tests on non-standard mortar specimens

·       Blast analysis of railway masonry bridges

·       Comparison of calculated and measured dynamics characteristics of a historical construction

·       Dynamic identification and model updating of Saint Torcato Church

·       Enhanced flat-jack tests for irregular masonry walls

·       Finite element study of bond-slip behaviour CFRP and GFRP laminates on brick masonry

·       First and second order analysis of St. Ann's church timber roof in Viznov, Czech Republic

·       Flexural strengthening of reinforced concrete beams with prestressed FRP laminates

·       Historical Industrial arched R.C. structures: investigation and modeling

·       Inventory of repair and strengthening methods with iron and steel

·       Inventory of repairing and strengthening techniques for masonry arch bridges

·       Investigation of the use of iron in construction from the antiquity to the technical revolution

·       Lay-out of seismic strengthening of Mallorca cathedral

·       Numerical modeling of reinforced concrete beams repaired with polymer modified mortar

·       Research on the restoration of heritage structures: Portland cement and concrete repair applications and repercussions

·       Retrofitting of riveted shear connections

·       Seismic limit analysis of ancient masonry structures

·       Seismic vulnerability of historical structure case study: San Marco church in the sequence of 2009 Abruzzo earthquake  

·       Seismic vulnerability of historical structures. Damage state of the Abruzzo churches, in the sequence of the 2009 earthquake  

·       Stability analysis of Famagusta Churches: Saint George of the Latins

·       Static monitoring analysis of Mallorca cathedral

·       Structural analysis of the roof of St. Anne's church

·       Structural evaluation of historical steel bridges

·       Structural survey of historical building church St. Lawrence  

·       Study of earth-grout mixtures for rehabilitation

·       Wind and earthquake analysis of spire of Cimborio of Barcelona cathedral