Third Edition (2009/2010)


·      Analysis of a thin tile vaulted structure

·      Analysis of draped-mesh cinder concrete patent floor systems

·      Assessment of current standards for evaluation of shear FRP strengthening of concrete beams

·      Damage survey and collapse mechanisms due to seismicity in Gothic churches around Catalonia region and Mallorca

·      Dynamic analyses of a masonry building tested in a shaking table

·      Dynamic monitoring analysis of Mallorca Cathedral

·      Dynamic monitoring of monumental buildings struck by the April 2009 Abruzzo earthquake: pre-and post-processing procedures

·      Experimental cyclic behaviour of timber shear walls

·      Graphics analysis of gothic vaults

·      Identification of the tensile force in tie-rods using modal analysis tests

·      Investigation of a faulty historical structure

·      Laudon Pavilon: identification of damage scenarios during a flood

·      Limit analysis: collection of examples of applications

·      Modelling of bond in masonry strengthened with FRP laminates through FE smeared crack approach

·      Numerical simulation on buckling failure of the masonry load bearing walls

·      Safety analysis of the old Portuguese Cathedral in Safi

·      Seismic analysis and strengthening of Mallorca Cathedral

·      Seismic analysis of a masonry aggregate in Italy

·      Seismic vulnerability assessment of the Trap shooting building in Venice

·      Simplified analysis of strength of masonry shear walls

·      Steel fibre reinforced self-compacting concrete thin layer for the flexural strengthening of ancient arch structures: Experimental and numerical research

·      Structural and material analysis of Ss Paul and Peter Church, Famagusta Cyprus

·      Structural modelling of masonry structures severely damaged by earthquake - case study of St. Marco's Church in L'Aquila

·      The ‘Guardian of the Pontifical State' - Structural assessment of a damaged coast watchtower in South Lazio