Fifth Edition (2011/2012)


·       3D numerical simulation of experiments on masonry arch bridges

·       Automated procedure for static limit analysis

·       Behaviour of FRP strengthened beams subjected to temperature variations

·       Characterization of the response of quasi-periodic masonry: Geometrical investigation, homogenization and structural application

·       Computer modelling of static resistance of historical masonry arch bridge 

·       Computer modelling of the spatial variability of material parameters within historical masonry arch railway bridge

·       Ductile connection characterization regarding seismic retrofitting of masonry buildings

·       Durability and conservation of sandstone in heritage structures

·       Dynamic identification and modal Analysis of Ras Charratine Medersa in Fez, Morocco

·       Experimental mechanical characterization of historical mortars by Windsor pin pentrometer

·       Feasibility study of Textile Reinforced Shotcrete for Strengthening Unreinforced Masonry Structures

·       Historical and Structural Survey and Comparison of Roof Structure Typology of Buildings in Europe and Korea

·       Innovative retrofitting materials for brick masonry infill walls

·       Kinematic Analysis and Intervention Design of a Complex Building Aggregate in Villa Santa Lucia degli Abbruzzi in L'Aquila Province

·       Load rating Assessment of the Pisek Stone Bridge (Kamenni most v Písku)

·       Mechanical Characteristics of historical beams of Picea abies wood

·       Mechanical Characterization of Traditional Adobe Masonry Elements

·       Monitoring and Structural Assessment of Monuments in the Historical Centre of L'Aquila struck by the 2009 Earthquake: the Case Study of St. Silvestro Church

·       Movement of historical structures as a preservation strategy

·       Nonlinear seismic analysis of a masonry arch bridge

·       Parametric Study of a Historical Masonry Building Subjected to Seismic Loading

·       Processing interventions on Gavgard of Kerman Carpet Co. From analysis to monitoring  

·       Seismic Assessment of the Roman Temple in Évora, Portugal

·       Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Pediatric Clinic in Padua's Hospital

·       Seismic Vulnerability Study on the Connection Between Structural and Artistic Damage in Historical Buildings

·       Structural analysis of hystorical foof trusses focusing on a traditional timber joint