Sixth Edition (2012/2013)


·      A Bayesian approach to NDT data fusion for St. Torcato Church

·      A study of test data for an informed assessment of old metallic structures and early reinforced concrete structures 

·      Advanced numerical modeling of RC members flexural strengthened with NSM CFRP strips

·      Analysis of remedies for dampness problems in historical buildings

·      Archaeoseismic analysis of the Pythion Theatre Ruins in Gortyna, Crete 

·      Computational modelling of masonry failure

·      Determining radial and tangential shrinkage coefficients of wood by standards and digital image correlation methods

·      Flexural out-of-plane retrofitting of masonry walls in historical constructions

·      Identification of the fracture energy properties of soft-mud brick and lime mortar

·      In situ assessment of strength of historic wood

·      Mechanical characterization of traditional connections in half-timbered walls: experimental results and retrofitting solutions

·      Methodology for the analysis of vulnerability and seismic assessment applied in the case of San Fermo Maggiore (Verona, Italy)

·      Non-destructive identification of the mechanical response of FRP strengthened brickwork walls with modal analysis

·      Numerical model and seismic structural analysis of the Lamberti Tower

·      Numerical modelling of bond in SRG-strengthened masonry

·      Numerical modelling of masonry vaults strengthened with transversal diaphragms

·      Refurbishment of a historical roof structure

·      Refurbishment of iron/steel buildings: consolidation and change of use

·      Safety analysis of modern heritage masonry buildings: box-buildings in Recife, Brazil

·      Seismic assessment of historical masonry buildings

·      Sensitivity analysis of the seismic behavior of ancient masonry buildings 

·      Simulation of the effect of auxiliary ties used in the construction of Mallorca cathedral

·      Structural analysis of selected vaults of the buildings of the Hospital Sant Pau

·      Structural analysis of the Church of the Poblet Monastery

·      Structural analysis of the historical timber trussted roofs

·      Structural and historical assessment of the 17th century timber roof in the house Nr. 414/I in Prague Old Town

·      Structural survey of historical buildings

·      Study of the correlation between weather conditions, heating of structural elements and dynamic comportment of Mallorca Cathedral

·     Study of the over-strengthening of brick masonry for eccentric loading

·      Study on public perception of heavily restored heritage structures

·      The use of cementitious composites in strengthening of reinforced concrete structures