Seventh Edition (2013/2014)


·      Analysis of applicability of classic calculus methods on arches with a critically low number of voussoirs

·      Analysis of the faults in the church of the Sacred Heart in Prague

·      Analytical model for shear capacity of masonry retrofitted with fiber reinforced mortar layer

·      Calibration of empirical curves to estimate the adhesion efficiency of FRP shear reinforcement

·      Canterbury Cathedral - structural analysis of the South Aisle

·      Computational modeling of irregular masonry failure

·      Evaluation of the effects of protective treatment on sandstone

·      Grout injection in multi-leaves masonry walls: Effectiveness evaluation and sensibility analysis

·      Industrial heritage in Northern Portugal. The example of Fábrica Confiança

·      Investigation and intervention procedures of industrial heritage buildings. Case study: the cooling station of Verona

·      Mechanical characterization of historical masonry materials

·      Methodology for seismic assessment applied to the case study of Tower Anziani in Padua (Italy)

·      Numerical modeling of traditional timber connections

·      Numerical modelling of experimental tests on cylindrical masonry specimens

·      Rammed earth construction technology

·      Restoration mortar with recycled fibres from ELTs

·      Retrofitting of cast iron columns

·      Seismic assessment of the Temple of Poseidon in Sounion, Greece

·      Simplified fragility curves for single-span masonry arch bridges

·      Structural survey of St. Jacob's Church and comparison with St. Ann's Church (broumov group of churches)

·      Study of the Armenian Church in Famagusta

·      The structural intervention of St. Torcato Church: documentation and analysis of the strengthening works

·       Thermo-mechanical analysis of Charles Bridge in Prague

·      Typology-based methodology for in-situ testing of masonry