Eighth Edition (2014/2015)


·      Advanced Computational Modelling of Taq-Kisra, Iraq

·      Analysis of infill replacement methods for arched structures

·      Analysis of Moisture Problems and Protection against Water In Monasteries

·      Analysis of vulnerability and seismic assessment of an historic complex in Padova

·      Analytical expressions for the compressive strength and elastic properties of historical masonries

·      Assessment and Rehabilitation of the Bôco Bridge

·      Collapse of Stone masonry Heritage Structures: Learning from building failures

·      Dynamic analysis of masonry building subjected to seismic loading

·      Dynamic procedures to estimate the axial force in Historical ties

·      Evaluation of structural intervention in the Quartel das Esquadras, Almeida (Portugal)

·      Experimental testing of cylindrical specimens of aerial lime mortar masonry

·      Fábrica do Paleão: Structural Assessment of Iron in Industrial Heritage

·      Finite element analysis of settlement damage in building

·      Flexo-compression performance of masonry walls with lime mortar and material characterisation

·      Geometrical characterization with laser scan techniques for assisting the structural assessment of historical constructions

·      Historical and structural analysis of the development of roofing of the Powder Tower in Prague´s Old Town

·      Insurance issues for existing buildings in seismic zones

·      Modelling of timber floors in strengthened conditions for seismic improvement

·      Modelling the response of joints between old and new concretes in repaired or retrofitted structures by concrete enlargement

·      Numerical analysis of masonry vaults and on-site full scale testing

·      Numerical Analysis of the In-plane Behaviour of FRCM-strengthened Masonry Walls

·      Numerical investigation on the seismic performances of rammed earth construction

·      Numerical modelling of out-of-plane behaviour of masonry structural members

·      Portland cement history, durability, natural cements, Roman cements, hydraulic binders

·      Preservation and repair of rammed earth constructions

·      Prestressing System for Retrofitting a Historical

·      Rehabilitation of timber framed buildings by improvement of energy efficiency

·      Safety Evaluation of the Imperfect Chapels from Batalha Monastery

·      Seismic Analysis of the Church of Kuño Tambo (Perú)

·      Seismic assessment by equivalent frame modelling of Palacio Pereira, Santiago de Chile

·      Seismic Assessment of Masonry Arch Bridges with Fiber Element Strategy

·      Seismic assessment of unreinforced masonry buildings by means of non-linear static procedures and incremental dynamic analysis

·      Simplified methods for the structural assessment of skewed masonry arch bridges

·      Simulation of bond failure in corroded reinforced concrete continuous structure

·      Simulation of the failure of masonry walls subjected to out of plane loading using the discrete element method

·      Strengthening of adobe walls against the out-of-plane effects of seismic loads

·      Structural Analysis of the Masonry Envelope of Ica Cathedral, Peru

·      Structural Analysis of the timber structure of Ica Cathedral, Peru

·      Structural Assessment of St. Benedetto's Crypt in Verona, Italy

·      Structural Survey of Historical Building U trí Seker

·      Structural Survey of Historical Masonry of St. Ursula (Voršila) Monastery in Prague

·      Study on possibilities for low-cost monitoring of historical structures