Ninth Edition (2015/2016)

·     Advanced modelling of systems composed of masonry walls and lintels subjected to in-plane forces 

·     Analysis of Lusitanian Timber Framed Walls with Shallow Foundations

·     Analysis of the behaviour of traditional carpentry joints - effects of extreme climatic conditions  

·     Application of the laser scan technique to support the structural assessment of existing constructions

·     Assessment of a gothic steel church: San Sebastian Church

·     Assessment of seismic vulnerability of vernacular buildings in urban centers

·     Assessment of traditionally produced hydraulic lime

·     Bamboo as a potential material for strengthening and reinforcement of structures

·     Compatibility of different cements and binders with the properties needed for reparation of lime mortars in stone and masonry walls: Study of solutions with alternative materials

·     Computational modeling of the arch stone bridge in Rabštejn, Czech Republic

·     Digital image correlation and experimental testing of masonry samples

·     Discrete elements method to predict failure mechanisms of unreinforced masonry walls

·     Examination of the decay pattern and cleaning interventions on historical marbles

·     Experimental analysis of bond of SRPs applied to masonry bricks with flexible polymers

·     Experimental study of the influence of prestressing the fibre mesh on the mechanical properties of TRM

·     FEM modelling and analysis of Palacio Pereira, in Santiago de Chile

·     Lapped scarf joint with inclined faces and wooden dowels intended for tensile loads: analysis and design

·     Modeling and analysis of plywood shell structures

·     Modeling of the behaviour of TRM-strengthened masonry walls

·     Modelling of the seismic performance of a rammed earth building

·     Numerical modelling of duolam timber elements strengthened with GFRP laminates

·     Numerical modelling of the cyclic behaviour of timber-framed structures

·     Numerical simulation of RC slabs strengthened with pre-stressed CFRP laminates

·     Optical monitoring & modelling of masonry behaviour under shear load

·     Retrofitting of riveted shear connections

·     Seismic strengthening of rammed earth constructions using reinforced coatings

·     Simulation of structural behavior of masonry walls using discrete element modeling

·     Structural analysis of historical timber roof trusses in Prague

·     Structural analysis of Palladio's timber bridge in Bassano del Grappa

·     Structural analysis of the church of the Monastery of San Miguel de Refojos

·     Structural performance of masonry walls built with fibre reinforced mortar

·     The São Francisco portal in Almeida: modelling, analysis and conservation