Tenth Edition (2016/2017)

·     2016 Central Italy Earthquake: seismic assessment of "Pietro Capuzi" school in Visso (Marche) 

·     Aging Tests to Assess the Durability of Building Materials to Salt Crystallization- Towards a More Realistic and Effective Use of Sodium Sulfate

·     Assessment of the seismic behaviour of timber-framed walls with detailed non-linear analysis

·     BIM for Cultural Heritage information management

·     Characterisation of mesh-mortar-rammed earth interactions in LC-TRM strengthening

·     Combination of non-destructive tests for surface and in depth location of decay in timber structures

·     Numerical Evaluation of the Bearing Capacity of the All Saint´s Church Walls in Broumov, CR

·     Comparison of Modeling Approaches to Analysis of Masonry Arch Bridges

·     Deployment of a low-cost digital platform for the monitoring of Santa Maria del Mar church in Barcelona

·     Dynamic identification and model updating of typical Dutch masonry house

·     Earthquake-induced damage assessment in an historical bell-tower based on long-term dynamic monitoring data

·     Experimental study of the influence of textile reinforcement on the structural response of reduced scale rammed earth buildings

·     Fatigue assessment of riveted connections in old metallic bridges

·     Flexural Tests of Consolidation Effects on Stone

·     Investigation of the strength of spandrels in masonry façades

·     Macro-scale analysis of damage and vulnerability assessment of URM churches after 2016-2017 earthquakes in Italy

·     Modelling of the seismic behaviour of TRM-strenghtened rammed earth walls

·     Multi-analytical characterisation of Roman structural binders from the Terme del Srano of the archaelogical site of Pompeii

·     Numerical Analysis of Bell Tower of St.Jakub in Kutná Hora

·     Numerical analysis of historical timber frame structures

·     Numerical analysis of the reinforced arch method

·     Numerical modelling of the seismic behaviour of timber-framed structures using macro-elements

·     Numerical simulation strategies for superadobe walls and arches

·     Optimization of a Computational Model for the Restoration of the Intrados of the Charles Bridge (Prague)

·     Out-of-plane simulation of masonry structures using novel finite element techniques

·     Proposal of Measures for Preserving the Historical Fresco of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary by V.V.Reiner

·     Rammed Earth Construction: Influence of the Water Content on the Mechanical Properties of the Material

·     Robustness-based assessment of railway masonry arch bridges

·     Seismic assessment of ancient water towers in Roman Pompeii

·     Shear behaviour of concrete elements strengthened with Fibre Reinforced Cementitious Composites (FRCM)

·     Structural performance of shells of historical constructions: The Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro

·     The Effect of Bird Excrements on Copper and Bronze

·     The Impact of the Connection Stiffness on the Behaviour of a Historical Steel Railway Bridge

·     The Structural Survey of Historical Building Strahovská FARA in Pohorelec

·     Vulnerability assessment as a tool to mitigate and manage seismic risk in old urban areas

·     Vulnerability assessment of monumental masonry structures including uncertainty