The successful students will be ready to develop a career as top level SAHC professionals. The alumni survey of the first eight editions of the program (240 respondents) provided the following information:

  • 50% of the students started working immediately after concluding the program;
  • 26% found a job in the subsequent 3 months after concluding the program;
  • 9% in the subsequent 6 months;
  • 14% take more than 6 months.

Therefore, 76% of the students are employed in less than 3 months.

The potential employers include consultancy offices, contractors, public/private owners of architectural heritage stocks, governmental bodies and heritage institutions, industry producing materials for remedial actions and private R&D. In addition, the students can apply for the PhD programmes at the partners, in most cases, with partly equivalence of credits.

The alumni survey of the first eight editions of the program provides the following results:

(a) 75% of the alumni are working within the field of the SAHC program;

(b) the occupation is 31% in consulting offices, 20% as PhD students, 15% in higher education institutions, 13% in contractors, 9% in own practice, 6% in governmental bodies and 6% in other organizations.

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