Current Edition

The 16th edition of the Advanced Masters in Structural Analysis of Monuments and Historical Constructions started in early September 2022. Coursework is being held in Guimaraes (Portugal).

SAHC classes are running in a face-to-face format, including site visits. Twenty-one students from fourteen countries (Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, France, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Jordan, Lebanon, Mexico, Philippines, Turkey, and the USA) are taking part in the 16th edition of SAHC.

Check here the relevant case studies that students are working on.

Check below the comments from some of the students:

B. Scheuer (USA)

I was always curious about the ingenious works of past engineers and architects. My curiosity became my goal for the future, which the SAHC program will help me to achieve.

Now that I am part of SAHC, my interest is growing and it’s helping me to become a specialist on the field. Nevertheless, SAHC is helping my overall professional career in every aspect.

Dealing with deadlines, managing stress and solving every kind of problem is what awaits in the future and within the program we are being prepared in the best way.

A. Jamal (Palestine)

The enrolment in the SAHC program in its 15th edition feels like an aim attained towards advancing my professional career in the conservation of the built heritage.

Gratefully with this opportunity, I am enthusiastic to learn and gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the sciences of structural analysis and preservation of historical constructions.

The peculiarity of the program helps in spreading awareness regarding safeguarding and significance of our valuable global wealth for the present and future generations.

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