Ahmed Elyamani

Ahmed Elyamani

Ahmed Elyamani was born in 1982 in Egypt.

In 2004, he got his B.Sc from Cairo university, in structural engineering with grade “Distinction with honour degree”, and then he worked as a part time structural engineer up till to 2008 in design of reinforced concrete structures in two prestigious consulting offices in Egypt:Dar al-handasah (established in  1956) and Arab Consulting Engineers (established in 1950).

From 2005 up till now he is working as a teaching assistant in Cairo university, faculty of Arceheology, Restoration department. In 2007 He finished a two years diploma in restoration of monuments in the same departement.

In 2008/2009 academic year he enrolled the SAHC Masters Course, and after finishing it,he got a PhD scholarship in Technical university of Catalonia, Construction Engineering Departement, in the same field of structural analysis and conservation of historical constructions under the supervision of Prof.Pere Roca.

Email: str_ahmedelyamany@yahoo.com