Alejandro Trujillo Rivas

Alejandro Trujillo Rivas

Alejandro Trujillo Rivas was born in 1982 in Colombia.

He is a Civil Engineer since December 2006, when he graduated on a 5-year course in the National University of Colombia in Manizales. Afterwards, he worked as a structural engineer for 2.5 years in structural and geotechnical design and also as part time professor at some Architecture Courses.

He enrolled the SAHC Masters Course during the 2008/2009 academic year. Since 2009 he works in Ingenieros Calderon y Jaramillo as Design Department Manager in Manizales, Colombia where he is responsible for the structural and geotechnical design of Civil Infrastructures and Industrial Infrastructures.

He also is part of a research group related with the history and conservation of National Heritage Structures at National University of Colombia.