Diogo Coutinho

Diogo Coutinho was born in 1983 in Porto, Portugal.

He graduated in 2007 in a Civil Engineer Master course, specialized in structures, in the Engineering Faculty from the University of Porto. After completing this 5 year course, he began his professional activity as a collaborator of the Heritage Conservation and Rehabilitation group from the same University. During this period, which lasted for 1 year and 3 months, he had the chance to have a first contact with the problems related to the interventions in heritage buildings.

As a manner of continuing the studies in this subject, he enrolled in SAHC Masters course in 2009/2010.

Since November of 2010 he works in a company that carries out inspection and diagnosis works, as well as rehabilitation design projects, and commercializes products conceived for rehabilitation. He is also involved in rehabilitation construction works developed from a company of the same group.

Email: diogo_c16@hotmail.com