Murat Alaboz

Murat Alaboz was born in 1982 in Turkey.

He is a civil engineer since September 2004 when on a 4-year course in the University of Kocaeli/Turkey. Afterwards, studied in a Master Degree Program in Istanbul Technical University in The Department of Architectural Conservation between 2004-2008. Completed his master thesis on the evaluation of actual structural condition of Architect Sinan’s Bridges. As soon he finished his Master program, attended the SAHC Masters Course during the 2008/2009 academic year for the purpose of developing his engineering abilities. During the program he studied on a experimental subject which is the dynamic identification and monitoring of structures with Luis Ramos.

Since 2011 he found an architectural conservation office. Till now, dealing with architectural projects but trying to educate himself on engineering subjects by corporating with professionals to adapt engineering aspects to our company profile.