Thi Mai Hoa Luong


Thi Mai Hoa Luong was born in Hanoi, in Vietnam.

 She graduated with a B.Eng. in Civil Engineering with honours at the Nanyang Technological University in 2007. After two years of working in a civil and structural consulting company in Singapore, in 2009, she enrolled the SAHC Masters Course at the Czech Technical University in Prague and University of Minho. The Masters were valuable experience that gave her true appreciation for the term “culture” and the significance of preserving cultural buildings. Based on her Master’s thesis, she has written a paper about historical tie-rods in arches and vaults to submit at the IMAC conference in Florida, the USA in January 2011. Afterwards, she pursuits a Ph.D. in Germany in the field of preservation of historical constructions. Since 2011, she works on a conservation project which is developed from her Master’s thesis work considering the damage identification for historical tensile members.