B. Nasrolahbeigi (Iran)

Joining SAHC was a significant period in my life and a great experience for my family. During the course, as a former graduated, I got familiar with the general aspects of modern education in two great European universities.

My study and research was on my favorite subject that is very interesting in academic and professional societies in my country. Nowadays, I see effects of this education in different features of my work, either in teaching and research or in my professional job.

We as a family, had opportunity to know the culture, history and civilization of the countries where we resided. Despite the troubles of such a long journey, we cannot forget good memories of those days.

I suggest all the people who are interested in the course subject to try to join it. I am sure that with the existence of such coordinators and academic people, the course will be improved in quality year by year. I wish success of all of them.